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Training in Japan 1990 Vol4


Hatsumi sensei covers Taijutsu and Hanbo, he is assisted by Manaka Shihan and Seno Shihan

Manaka Shihan teaches escapes from grabs, some very nice Sojutsu (Spear - Yari) Kata. There is an interesting bit where Manaka shihan and Someya shihan demonstrate the use of sword, Bisento and Kyoketsu Shoge for a film crew in the Someya Dojo. Someya Shihan teaches some nice Koto Ryu Kata and movement.
The DVD finishes with an excellent session by Shiraishi sensei who is an expert in Ukemi (Breakfalls) and Kaiten ) rolling) waza. This part is superb.

All of these were filmed during 1990  Sound is good Picture good, but still very watchable and a great aid to your training Running time – 1 hour 55 minutes


The region has been set so that it is watchable in any country. (will play in Europe - USA - Australia etc)

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