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Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu


This DVD has two seperate pieces of footage from the Bujinkan. The first is filmed in the 1960’s and the other in the 1990’s

Part 1

This is a piece of silent footage filmed on 8mm with Hatsumi sensei and the shihan training outdoors. With them are several Non-Japanese (dressed in white Gi), training along side the Shihan. This is a nice piece of historical footage of the Bujinkan Soke and his shihan practising Ukemi, and Taihenjutsu. There is also a little bit of Hatsumi Soke showing some possible Gikan Ryu as well as much more. One of the people on training with Soke is Quentin Chambers.

Running time 13 minutes

Part 2

This is a nice demonstration put on by members of the Bujinkan in Japan. Hatsumi sensei and his shihan assisted by several Non Japanese who demonstrate on stage various arts including Tameshigiri, Bisento, Bojutsu, Taijutsu, Shuriken and much more

Running time 18 minutes

The region has been set so that it is watchable in any country. (will play in Europe - USA - Australia etc)

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