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Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu - History



The Gikan Ryu was founded by Uryu Gikanbo, who was the Daimyo of Kawachi no Kuni (Kawachi Castle).

Gikan Ryu originates from Gyokko Ryu Shitojutsu (Kosshijutsu). Sogyokkan Ritsushi taught several people his art. One of these was Akimoto Kawachi (Kanai Moriyoshi), who in turn taught Uryu Hangan Gikanbo (Gikan Ryu Koppo). Although the Gikan Ryu passes next to Uryu Yoshimitsu, Akimoto Taro Yoshihide is also listed after Uryu Hangan Gikanbo in the Gyokko Ryu Denkei (Taken from Daijiten Bugei Ryu-ha).

The 10th Soke Uryu Gikan had been fighting in the battle now known as "Tenchigumi no Ran". This took place on 17th August 1863, he was fighting for the Emperors Army, and unfortunately for him he was shot in the arm by a musket. When he became too exhausted to fight he retired to the safety of a nearby temple. It was at this temple that he was met by met Ishitani Takeoi Masatsugu, of the Kukishinden Ryu. He told Ishitani that the battle had already finished. Takamatsu first gave the Menkyo Kaiden to Gikan Ryu to his best friend and senior student Akimoto Fumio, who became the 14th Soke (Bujinkan Dojo lineage). Akimoto met an untimely death from an illness sometime around 1962, and he left no successor. The school therefore came back to Takamatsu, he then passed this onto Hatsumi, making him the 15th Soke.

Akimoto Fumio was also Soke of another school which ran through his own family. This is the Shoken Ryu Dakentaijutsu.

For Gikan Ryu the Bugei Ryu-ha Daijiten, only lists Hatsumi Masaaki and Akimoto Fumio as being soke after Takamatsu sensei. It does not list any other names as the Soke to the Gikan Ryu.

The information on this page has been edited from the book – Introductory History to the Schools of the Bujinkan by Paul Richardson

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