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About Us

Bujinkan Lincoln (Hanako) Dojo was established in Septeber 1990 by Paul Richardson who still runs the Dojo today.


We are dedicated to practicing and teaching Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.


During the early 1990's Paul traveled extensively in Europe studying under teachers such as Hatsumi Sensei (Taikai in UK, Sweden and Luxembourg) and at Seminars with Sven Eric Brogsater (UK, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and Germany). In 1989 and 1994 Paul trained at various Bujinkan and other martial arts Dojo in New York and Wisconsin USA. Paul has trained extensively in the UK with senior Bujinkan teachers such as Peter King, Chris Roworth, Dave Heald, Keith Porter and Graham Ramsden. Paul himself is now an international instructor and has taught seminars in the UK, Estonia, South Africa, Germany (25 in Germany alone), Slovenia, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, and the USA.


The Dojo has several Dan grades all of whom have been to train in study in Japan.


Paul Richardson 15th Dan Shidoshi
Nick Davis 5th Dan Shidoshi

John Carcass 2nd Dan

Alek Eson 2nd Dan