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Kumogakure Ryu Ninpo - History



The founder of this Ryu Iga Heinaizaemon Ienaga was also known by the name Kumogakure Hoshi. From the Kumogakure Ryu we have this expression "Like a shadow behind the moon appearing after the clouds".

The Densho mention a Ninja by the name Sarutobi Sasuke, who is believed to have come from the Kumogakure Ryu. He used his agile ability to jump from one tree to another, using a Kamayari, to hook onto a branch so that he swing from one branch to another, just like a monkey would. The Taijutsu of Kumogakure Ryu is very similar to that of the Togakure Ryu. One of the special weapons of the Ryu is the kamayari "Hook spear". The join of the hooks to the spear blade, acts in the same principle as the Jutte, trapping the incoming sword, and controlling it. The hooks can be used to snare clothing, or hook the legs of the opponent running away.

The information on this page has been edited from the book – Introductory History to the Schools of the Bujinkan by Paul Richardson

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