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Togakure Ryu Ninpo - History




In the Oho era (1161-1162), Nishina Daisuke was born in Shinsyu, near to Azumino province. Kagakure Doshi, taught Daisuke, the Happo Hiken, which included early forms of Jojutsu, Sojutsu, Naginata, Taijutsu, Muto, Koppo, and Shuriken. Daisuke adopted Kagakures warrior teachings (Happo Hiken) to his own Shugendo training, and the beginnings of the Togakure Ryu were formed.

The 2nd Soke of the Ryu, Shima Kosanta Minamoto no Kanesada was a Samurai retainer, having the Rank of Kosho. He too like Daisuke had been in the employment of Kiso. Goro Togakure is recognised as being the person who officially formed the family of Togakure into a Ninjutsu system, that is still taught today.


It was during the 1600's that the school moved, and was taught at the Hattori Ryu, to the Ninja and Samurai of the Kishu Fief. It was also at this time that the immediate family died out. Then the chief branch of the Togakure Ryu, the Toda family took over leadership. Some of the Toda family were previously Soke of Kumogakure Ryu Ninjutsu. It is therefore possible that the Toda came from the Kumogakure Ryu, and amalgamated the two Ryu together.

The 32nd Soke, Toda Shinryuken was chief instructor at Kobusho (Military instruction school). He was chosen by Matsuhira Norimasa, a member of the Shogun’s council of elders. The Kobusho was established in February 1855. Toda left the Kobusho and went to Kinki and never again took official positions.


Takamatsu once said that he did not like the training of the Togakure Ryu, and preferred the Koto Ryu, which he said was "fun".


The information on this page has been edited from the book – Introductory History to the Schools of the Bujinkan by Paul Richardson

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